About Musée de la danse:

Born from an unnatural crossbreeding between museum - place of preservation, dance - art of motion, and choreographical centre - place of production and residence, Musée de la danse (Dancing Museum) is a paradox which draws its dynamics from its own contradictions: an experimental space for thinking, practicing and pushing further the borders of this phenomenon called dance; and an operation that brings itself to date with each of its new events.

The different events of this enterprise directed by choreographer Boris Charmatz form a combinational game, exploring the possibilities of crossbreeding between exhibition, performative gesture and articulation of a speech: simultaneously a say, a do, and a how-to-do. Workshops, debates, artists’ and research workers’ residencies; offbeat propositions and fantasy collections are all born directly from a reflection on what this playful and hybrid museum could become. Turning upside down the established relations between audience, art, and its physical and imaginary territories, Musée de la danse joins the living with the reflexive — art and archive, creation and transmission.

For more info, visit www.museedeladanse.org

Musée de la danse / Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne - Directed by Boris Charmatz. The association receives grants from the Ministry of Culture and Communication (Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs / Brittany), the City of Rennes, the Regional Council of Brittany and Ille-et-Vilaine General Council. The Institut français regularly supports the international touring of Musée de la danse.

Photo Credits

(Above) JJ Tiziou Photography