Cachet Ivey

A selection of West African dance

Solo Forest
4:45–5:45 pm
Parkway Trees, outside

Cachet Ivey has studied and practiced West African dance and drumming for the past 26 years. West African dance and drumming is an ancient form of communication that captures the intrinsic beauty of the continent. Ivey believes that it opens up the minds of those who practice. As a member of the Kulu Mele African Dance and Drum Ensemble, Ivey performs and conducts community dance programs in Philadelphia, the tri-state area, and nationally. She is also an adjunct professor of dance at The University of Pennsylvania, artistic director and founder of the newly formed Emi Ife Performing Arts Collective, and the instructor of several open community dance classes. Performing for Nelson Mandela during his visit to Philadelphia's Bright Hope Baptist Church was one of Ivey's greatest accomplishments. Mandela's never-wavering courage and his desire to serve his people has inspired her to continue in her quest to share the gifts of African culture through artistic cultural expressions.